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Gia Parker is a tech nerd who is passionate about smart technology and smart homes.

As a writer for SmartHomeFly, she enjoys informing others about the latest and greatest in home automation. Gia loves exploring the endless possibilities that come with integrating smart devices into your home- from voice control to energy monitoring, there’s nothing she won’t try! When she’s not writing or tinkering with her smart home, Gia can be found playing video games or watching sci-fi movies.


Shawn Johnson is a writer for SmartHomeFly.com, where he cover all things tech-related, from the latest gadgets to how to make your home smarter.

As someone who’s been into technology and smart living for as long as he can remember, He loves helping others learn about the latest and greatest products and trends in the space. His goal is always to help people make their lives easier and more comfortable – whether that means teaching them how to use a new gadget or recommending the best smart home devices for their needs.

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We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences.

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